1. You are personally responsible for the reports you submit on otocyon.co.za. This website is an intuitive online service that makes reporting law breakers fast, easy and free. Team Otocyon which includes anyone who contracts to us (3rd parties) cannot be held liable for the content you submit.

  2. otocyon.co.za does not cater for anonymous reporting. You agree that the data you submit will/may/shall be shared with relevant law enforcement, protection services, the courts and any other relevant stakeholders deemed necessary. By using otocyon.co.za you consent and agree that team otocyon may moderate content submitted for quality purposes.

  3. otocyon.co.za needs access to your file manager, camera, GPS, microphone and any other services needed on your device to make the report tool work. If you use otocyon.co.za you consent to our use of the above mentioned features of your device.

  4. otocyon.co.za captures the following data which you manually and voluntarily submit when compiling a report: Date, Time, Location (GPS), Image, Audio, Video, Vehicle registration, Digital Signature, Name, Surname, Email address, Phone number, ID number. An auto generated electronic confirmation is also generated using the data you supply. This document assists law enforcement agencies and protection services during prosecution of offences. Please see a sample report here.

  5. When you submit a report on otocyon.co.za you are legally binding yourself using your digital signature and an electronic confirmation document and must be willing and consent to appear in a court if summoned as an eye witness of the event. This agreement may be enforced in any Court in South Africa. Your copy of the report and other documents can be downloaded after submitting the report.

  6. By submitting a report on otocyon.co.za, you agree that you have read and acquainted yourself with these terms of service and consent to the use of any and all the data that you have submitted. You grant the management of otocyon.co.za the lifelong right to use any and all data collected, you further agree that otocyon.co.za may share this data with law enforcement agencies, protection services and any other relevant stakeholders for law enforcement purposes in any format of our choice. If you do not wish to be a witness in court then DO NOT use this service.

  7. By using this site you agree that you have personally acquainted yourself with the LEARN page.

  8. When out in the field you agree never to impersonate or represent yourself as a law enforcement or protection services official. You agree not to verbally or physically engage with any people breaking the law. If a rule/law breaker attempts to get physical when you document his offence, you agree that you will immediately leave the scene. If pursued you will contact the SAPS for assistance. You agree that otocyon.co.za can never be used for and will never replace law enforcement agencies. otocyon.co.za is not a law enforcement agency!

  9. You agree that access to this service does not entitle you to break any rules or laws yourself. Most importantly never use this website or your phone while driving. You further agree that there are no special perks or payments associated with submitting these reports and that you do so voluntarily. You further agree never to bait or entrap others in order to film and report them. This would be an offence and can be used against you in a court of law.

  10. otocyon.co.za is run by volunteers and is currently free to use. As such this service is a best effort service. We cannot guarantee the uptime of the website and reserve the right to pull the plug at any stage if there is not enough support from the community.

  11. These terms can be updated without prior warning. Please always refer to the latest prior to submitting a report.

  12. Otocyon.co.za is built and maintained by 3rd parties and is not associated with South African National Parks in any way. We therefore request that SANParks be considered as the main contact for reporting incidents. The tools available on this website do not replace the official SANParks reporting channels. Reports received on this site are forwarded to SANParks protection services channels for investigation and we provide a reference number generated by our software for your convenience and to verify that we have submitted the report. Otocyon cannot be held liable for reports that are not investigated or prosecuted. Otocyon supports responsible reporting and not general naming and shaming. This service is also not an emergency service. Please use the appropriate emergency channels for reporting any emergencies.

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