1. Please make sure to take clear photographs of the offence taking place, the person committing the offence, and the number plate associated with the offender.

  2. Mark all the fields on the reporting tool.

  3. Take additional photos & videos.

  4. Be sure to include direction the offender is traveling, in your audio Recordings and include as much additional details as possible.

  5. Read the terms and conditions BEFORE submitting. When you submit a report you are legally binding yourself and you must be willing to appear in court if summoned as a witness. By submitting a report on this site, you agree to serve as a witness if so summoned. If you do not wish to be a witness in court then it would be better not to use this service.

    In terms of the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977, as well as the Magistrate's Court Act, remuneration for appearing in court as a witness, may be charged. "As a witness, you are entitled to payment of a prescribed fee in certain instances. This is not compensation for your testimony. It is intended to limit the witness's expenses due to court attendance and, in certain instances, loss of income. If you believe that you qualify for such a payment, the public prosecutor must certify that you attended court, after which you have to report to the clerk of the court concerned to receive payment." A witness is entitled to claim for subsitance (meals), transport, travelling expenses including accommodation, and for income forfeited for each 24 hours or part thereof for which the witness is absent from his residence or place of sojourn. For more info on Witness fees please consult this link.

  6. Submit only 1 report per offence. If the same person, is later seen committing a new offence, at a different sighting, you can report a new offence.

  7. Set your phone camera to use your location. This setting will be different depending on what handset you are using. This allows the image being taken to include a GPS tag in the metadata of the photograph.

  8. Once your camera is setup click on the "Report" tab and if prompted, allow our site access to your pnone services like GPS, Camera and Microphone.

  9. When using this service, do not engage physically or verbally with offender. Never claim to be a law enforcement officer. Never use your phone or this reporting tool while driving You must be willing to provide an affidavit, and testify in court if and when called upon to do so. Obey all the rules of the park. By using this service you agree to these rules and the terms and conditions.

  10. We appreciate your efforts and look forward to seeing your reports.